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FitForce London

Online & In Person 1 to 1 Fitness classes

Sweat, dance & rebound your way to a healthier lifestyle with FitForce

At FitForce, we are dedicated to our clients, helping you achieve you weight loss or personal training goals through our wide variety of fitness & workout class options. FitForce London focuses on providing the best service for its clients, focusing on variety, form & functionality in our 1 to 1 online and in person classes.

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The FitForce Movement

FitForce offers a variety of training options & classes to suit all of your training and weight loss needs. Whether you're looking to train for a specific event, lose weight or be involved in group fitness classes, dance classes or swimming lessons, we have a class for you.

Our wide range of 1 on 1 personal training & group classes give you variation, enjoyment and help you to achieve your fitness goals. Our group classes are fun, friendly & available online and in person, so you can train from home, or anywhere you are.

If this excites you, then it's time to join the Fitness Force

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In person & Online Rebounding classes with FitForce

In person & online Rebounding classes based in London. Our BounceForce classes are a totally new way to tone, sculpt & sweat your way to your fitness goals. BounceForce is a weight loss rebounding class based in London, with in person options available.

  • 1 hour classes

  • London based & Online

  • Fast, fun & effective for weight loss and fitnes

  • Wednesday & Friday Classes

1 to 1 Personal Training with FitForce

Our exclusive 1 to 1 fitness & weights training sessions in London & online.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or just power through a sweat session, these 1 to 1 online and in person London based sessions are perfect to take your training to the next level. 

  • 45 minutes to 1 hour

  • Easy to fit into a busy day

  • Targeted, tailored and results focused

  • In person & Online

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Woman Swimming in Pool


Swimming classes in London

SwimForce is a Swimming fitness & coaching session based in London. Whether you're training for a specific event, or just looking to add extra variation to your training, SwimForce has what you need

  • Tailored

  • London based

  • Swim lessons & coaching

  • All skill & fitness levels

Group fitness classes online and in London

FitForce is our flagship offering, giving you the best group fitness classes in person or online. Use a combination of weights, cardio & functional strength tracks curated by FitForce to be equal parts exhausting and rewarding. Each class offers a slight variation, ensuring that you're hitting different muscle groups each time

  • 1 hour

  • Great combination of strength, cardio & stamina

  • Group fitness classes in London & online

  • Wednesdays & Saturday

  • Classes from £10

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Wedding Dance Coaching

In person & online Wedding dance coaching

In person 1 to 1 Wedding Dance coaching. Utilising a long professional background in Latin American & Ballroom dancing, FitForce can choreograph, teach and coach you to the perfect first wedding dance 

  • Tailored choreography

  • London based

  • Dance lessons & coaching

  • Gay wedding dances

Group dance classes online and in London

DanceForce is our dance based workout designed to get you sweating while enjoying our tailored choreography in a group online or in person class. Utilising our extensive knowledge & history of competitive latin American and ballroom dancing, we have built this group dance fitness class to give a little extra to your workout.

  • 1 hour

  • Professionally choreographed & taught by Shaun

  • Group dance classes online and in London

  • At Anytime Fitness in Hurlingham, London & at Body Machine PS

  • Tuesday, Thursday,  Saturday

  • Classes from £10

Unlock your potential with FitForce

Whatever Shaun is training you in; dancing, swimming or fitness, he always manages to make you feel great about yourself. He's so knowledgeable and professional and makes everything you do with him seem like the best fun. A fabulous trainer and a rather lovely person to boot.

Carol T-F